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fired up


ashton carmichael

“I’m a star quarterback, MVP, championship winner—oh, and a bad boy, if you pay attention to the tabloids. No matter which way you cut it, I’m used to getting what I want.”

beau campbell

“I might be known as Cranky Campbell to some, but is it so bad to be responsible? I've spent my life putting out fires while waiting for one to ignite inside me.”



dax munro

“#powertop #PRextraordinaire. The only thing I know better than how to work a deal is how to work a man. Need a top? You have my number...”


“#topcurious #hottiefirefighter It might be my job to put out fires, but I know how to start them between the sheets. Never been with a guy before...unless you count that one time in college...”

Whiskey throttle



“Sexy. Twinky. Bendy. Need I say more? Seriously though, I'm always down for a good time. I spent a lot of my life trapped in my shell and I damn sure plan to be loud, proud, and fabulous now.”


“I've always been an easy-going guy. Whatever’s going to happen will happen. Why would I stress myself out about it? I play hard and work harder. It’s never steered me wrong before.”



Owen Hawthorne III

“#PrinceO Being a member of the Parlaisan royal family comes with certain honoring my family name. That means I shouldn’t stirring up scandal and controversy by experimenting with some sexy twink bottom. That is, unless I happen to meet the right sexy twink bottom.”

Keegan Kruse

“#twinkbottom #19yo American college kid in Parlaisa for the week, so hit me up with pics and messages. Looking to get my cherry popped, and who better to do it than some sexy European stud?”

game on



“I'm the quiet one, the bookish one...the Saturgay who doesn't hook up every weekend, and I'm okay with that. But you know what I'm learning? There might just be something more inside of me, waiting to burst free…”

carter james

“#PAextraordinaire #YourNextGrindrTrick You look familiar. You might not recognize my face, but take a quick look at my ass and see if you two have already become acquainted. If not, we can take care of that real fast. Relationships? Ugh. Who has the time?”
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