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authors Devon McCormack and Riley Hart

Devon and Riley’s writing collaboration began as a series of private messages as they discussed their mutual appreciation of hotties, steamy reads, publishing...and did we mention hotties? One day, after realizing their private message word counts could be put to better use, in what was perhaps one of the most haphazard decision of either of their careers, they said, “Hey, maybe we could write a book together,” and went for it.


The subsequent collaboration resulted in their first title together, followed by THE METROPOLIS SERIES--character-driven stories, featuring some of Devon and Riley’s favorite elements: delicious tropes, sexy men, steam, lots of laughs...and full of heart.


(But shh, Devon likes to pretend Riley is the one with the heart... Come on, it’s in her name, after all… ;) )


Plotting in secret, as they are prone to do, they embarked on a new, delightful, banter-filled, steam-heavy adventure with some of the sexiest characters they could devise. So keep a bucket of ice handy...because in the town of Fever Falls, things heat up quick.


And if you’re not careful, you won’t just catch a might just fall in love.

Welcome to Fever Falls.

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